An Introduction to Penalty Shootouts in Soccer


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Penalty Shootouts

Krishen Iyer has owned and operated a residential and commercial real estate business in Fresno, California, since 2015. He previously spent time as the owner of Iyer Health Shield, a call center providing support for health insurance and related products. Beyond his professional activities, Krishen Iyer is an avid fitness enthusiast. He works out five times per week, golfs once per week, and enjoys playing soccer and tennis.

Few occasions in the world of sports are as fraught with tension as a penalty shootout on a soccer field. While different venues and tournaments employ different rules, the majority of soccer games are comprised of two 45-minute halves followed, if necessary, by two non-sudden-death overtime periods of 15 minutes each. In league play, teams may settle for tie scores, but in tournament play, a winner must be chosen, and so the game moves into the penalty shootout phase.

The shootout begins with each team selecting five players who alternate shots on the goal until one team can no longer tie the score. For example, if Team A scores on all three penalty kicks and Team B misses the first three kicks, the shootout would end 3-0. Should teams run through their first five players and find themselves still with a tie score, one additional shooter is added until one team misses. Shooters cannot be repeated until an entire team, including goalkeepers, has taken a shot, at which point the same order must be repeated.

The strategy behind a penalty shootout is complex. Some coaches elect to save their best players for the last few shots, assuming they will be able to handle the pressure of the moment. Unfortunately, a poor start to the shootout may render these players’ talents completely irrelevant.


Manchester United Named World’s Most Valuable Soccer Club


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Manchester United

The founder of Iyer Health Shield, Krishen Iyer is a businessman and entrepreneur based in Fresno, California. Outside of his professional life, Krishen Iyer likes to play recreational soccer and follow his favorite soccer team, Manchester United.

Founded in 1878 by railway employees, Manchester United is a worldwide favorite in soccer, with estimates that the team maintains around 659 million fans around the globe. In May of 2017, auditing company KPMG released a report stating that Manchester United had overtaken the Spanish team Real Madrid as the most valuable European soccer club.

The value of Manchester United is estimated to be around 3.1 billion euros, equal to approximately $3.5 billion in US currency. Though the 20-time champions ranked sixth among England’s soccer clubs this past season, the team maintains 26 global sponsorship deals along with a collection of regional sponsors and a host of partner companies in the media and finance sectors.

Three Exercises to Improve Core Strength


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Improve Core Strength

An experienced insurance sales executive and entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer presided over Iyer Health Shield and I Health, a Fresno-based health insurance call center. Also an avid fitness enthusiast, Krishen Iyer works out at least five times a week.

One of the fundamentals of fitness is maintaining a strong core. Below are three workouts designed to improve abdominal strength and performance.

1. Weighted sit-up – You can do this workout anywhere, providing you have something to anchor your feet and a heavy object to hold while doing the sit-up. Hold the weight close to your chin and perform the exercise slowly for optimal results.

2. Plank – Face the floor in push-up position, but instead of your hands, use your elbows to prop yourself up. Keeping your legs, hips, back, and neck straight, hold yourself up for as long as possible.

3. Russian twist – Find something to anchor your feet and hold yourself up at the mid-way point of a sit-up. Keeping your abs tight, begin rotating from side to side, while pausing after each rotation. You can also add weight for a more effective workout.

It is always recommended that beginners check with their physicians before beginning any exercise regime and work with a fitness professional to ensure they are using the correct form.