An Introduction to Penalty Shootouts in Soccer


Penalty Shootouts pic
Penalty Shootouts

Krishen Iyer has owned and operated a residential and commercial real estate business in Fresno, California, since 2015. He previously spent time as the owner of Iyer Health Shield, a call center providing support for health insurance and related products. Beyond his professional activities, Krishen Iyer is an avid fitness enthusiast. He works out five times per week, golfs once per week, and enjoys playing soccer and tennis.

Few occasions in the world of sports are as fraught with tension as a penalty shootout on a soccer field. While different venues and tournaments employ different rules, the majority of soccer games are comprised of two 45-minute halves followed, if necessary, by two non-sudden-death overtime periods of 15 minutes each. In league play, teams may settle for tie scores, but in tournament play, a winner must be chosen, and so the game moves into the penalty shootout phase.

The shootout begins with each team selecting five players who alternate shots on the goal until one team can no longer tie the score. For example, if Team A scores on all three penalty kicks and Team B misses the first three kicks, the shootout would end 3-0. Should teams run through their first five players and find themselves still with a tie score, one additional shooter is added until one team misses. Shooters cannot be repeated until an entire team, including goalkeepers, has taken a shot, at which point the same order must be repeated.

The strategy behind a penalty shootout is complex. Some coaches elect to save their best players for the last few shots, assuming they will be able to handle the pressure of the moment. Unfortunately, a poor start to the shootout may render these players’ talents completely irrelevant.


Three Things to Learn from Warren Buffett


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Warren Buffet

The founder of Iyer Health Shield, Krishen Iyer has turned from the insurance industry to real estate in recent entrepreneurial endeavors. In addition to buying and selling key properties throughout the state of California, Krishen Iyer enjoys following the work of Warren Buffett.

The success of Warren Buffet includes several important lessons for anyone who wishes to succeed in business:

1.Work hard. After purchasing his first stock at age 11, Warren Buffett made the equivalent of $53,000 by the age of 16 from his work delivering newspapers, polishing cars, and selling collector stamps and golf balls. He chose to work hard while his fellows enjoyed comic books and played sports.

2. Read. Warren Buffett claims to spend approximately 80 percent of his time reading, and he considers this practice one important key to his success. He gains his knowledge from the newspapers and books he reads, an accrual he likens to compound interest.

3. Persevere. When Warren Buffett started out, his father-in-law told him he would fail, and Harvard Business School rejected him. Despite these setbacks and other disappointments, he never let anything stop him.

Israeli Study Shows Benefits of Make-A-Wish Interventions


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Make-A-Wish Foundation

Krishen Iyer studied public administration and business at San Diego State University before going on to open several insurance brokerages throughout the United States, including Fresno, California-based Iyer Health Shield. Now working in the Fresno real estate field with his company Iyer CRSI, Krishen Iyer supports several charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation works to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening conditions. The foundation was recently involved in an Israeli study on the effectiveness of wish granting on sick children in terms of their psychological health and quality of life.

Written by Anat Shoshani, Keren Mifano, and Johanna Czamanski-Cohen, the 2015 study is entitled “The effects of the Make a Wish intervention on psychiatric symptoms and health-related quality of life of children with cancer: a randomised controlled trial.” The trial looked at the levels of hope, positive or negative affect, optimism, and physical and mental symptoms of 66 children with cancer between the ages of 5 and 12. Whereas half the children’s wishes were granted, the remaining children were assigned to a waitlist.

After taking a baseline measurement of these qualities before the wishes were granted, the researchers took another measurement about five weeks later. The study showed significant improvement in terms of distress, depression, anxiety, positive affect, and quality of life for those whose wishes were fulfilled. Those on the waitlist did not show any significant changes, except in terms of their positive affect, which actually decreased. The authors concluded that hope, especially when addressing something that seems impossible, may help these children better manage the difficulties of dealing with a terminal illness.

Golf Courses Innovate during California’s Drought


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El Niguel

Former Iyer Health Shield CEO Krishen Iyer is now involved in buying and selling real estate throughout California with his company Iyer CRSI. In his spare time, Krishen Iyer enjoys golfing weekly.

California faced an extreme and a long-lasting drought over the past several years, facing its driest times within the last 500 years. Golf courses use a lot of water to keep their greens green – about as much in a day as a four-person household might use in a year.

California golf courses have been working on strategies to save water and improve sustainability when climate change is making things like the availability of water more unpredictable. Pelican Hill, near Los Angeles, set up a complex water management system that can store, recycle, and reclaim water. Other courses, like El Niguel in Laguna Niguel, switched to drought-resistant grass and planted local floras that don’t need as much water as grass. Some courses simply let their greens turn brown under the water restrictions.

The drought has officially ended, and California is seeing record rainfall, but sustainable practices in California’s golf courses may help them face unstable weather patterns more effectively in the future.

Manchester United Named World’s Most Valuable Soccer Club


Manchester United pic
Manchester United

The founder of Iyer Health Shield, Krishen Iyer is a businessman and entrepreneur based in Fresno, California. Outside of his professional life, Krishen Iyer likes to play recreational soccer and follow his favorite soccer team, Manchester United.

Founded in 1878 by railway employees, Manchester United is a worldwide favorite in soccer, with estimates that the team maintains around 659 million fans around the globe. In May of 2017, auditing company KPMG released a report stating that Manchester United had overtaken the Spanish team Real Madrid as the most valuable European soccer club.

The value of Manchester United is estimated to be around 3.1 billion euros, equal to approximately $3.5 billion in US currency. Though the 20-time champions ranked sixth among England’s soccer clubs this past season, the team maintains 26 global sponsorship deals along with a collection of regional sponsors and a host of partner companies in the media and finance sectors.

A Handful of Must-See Places for Travelers in Jaipur, India


Rajasthan pic

The former CEO of Iyer Health Shield, Krishen Iyer owns and operates Iyer Real Estate Group LLC in Fresno, California. When not attending to his professional duties, Krishen Iyer enjoys traveling and lists Costa Rica and India among his favorite destinations. India is a large and diverse country with a number of great cities to explore, such as Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.

One of the most iconic things to see in Jaipur is the Wind Palace, which contributes to the nickname “pink city.” The fascinating pink structure is really a beautifully constructed latticed screen wall that would protect the modesty of female royals as they looked out on the street below.

Visitors should also spend some time in the Amer Fort, especially the Hall of Mirrors, which creates a sort of indoor kaleidoscope. Interested individuals can even ride an elephant up to the fort.

To see the modern side of the city, individuals can head to the World Trade Park – a stunning blue glass building that is actually a shopping mall, complete with food court and various brand stores. More traditional shopping can be found at Saurashtra Impex, which boasts great antiques, tribal textiles, and embroidered fabrics.

Wounded Warrior Project Launches Initiative on Sleep Issues


Wounded Warrior Project  pic
Wounded Warrior Project

The former CEO of Iyer Health Shield, Krishen Iyer owns and operates Iyer Real Estate, LLC, a real estate development firm in Fresno, California. Outside of work, Krishen Iyer supports several philanthropic organizations, including Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), which assists service members and veterans with serious injuries, as well as their families.

WWP recently announced a new focus on sleep issues among veterans through its Warrior Care Network. Up to 500,000 veterans deal with posttraumatic stress disorder, which can significantly impact sleep quality. The two issues identified by the new initiative include sleep apnea and rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD), both of which can be diagnosed through a sleep study.

Warriors are now being encouraged to spend the night in a sleep lab to have their sleep monitored and to receive personalized treatment. Breathing machines can help cure sleep apnea, and medications ease RBD symptoms. Through Warrior Care Network, individuals can also access multi-week intensive outpatient therapy programs to deal with symptoms that could contribute to sleep disturbances.