Wishes in Flight Supports Make-A-Wish through Frequent Flier Donations


Wishes in Flight Program pic
Wishes in Flight Program
Image: wish.org

An owner of multiple insurance consultation businesses, such as NMP Insurance Services and Iyer Health Shield, in Fresno, California, Krishen Iyer also serves as a residential and commercial real estate agent. Beyond his professional obligations, Krishen Iyer supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation. To help support the costs of its wish-granting activities, the foundation administers a number of campaigns, such as the Wishes in Flight Program.

Make-A-Wish books approximately 50,000 round-trip airline flights every year to grant the travel wishes of children with life-threatening conditions. These trips accounts for more than 2.8 billion miles. Travel wishes may consist of destinations in any part of the world, from Florida’s Disney World to Paris. To help subsidize the cost of air travel, the foundation accepts donations of frequent flier miles through the Wishes in Flight Program. The program helps to support travel wishes across the country and internationally and accepts miles from several major airlines, including Delta, United, Southwest, and American Airlines. Donation processes and miles or point minimums may vary by airline.

With sponsorship from Eye-O Cares, Wishes in Flight is also hosting a temporary promotion that matches donations of frequent flier miles up to 1 million miles. The promotion ends August 31, and donations must be made through the Make-A-Wish website.