The Top Companies on the 2016 Inc. 5000 List

Inc. 5000
Inc. 5000


Krishen Iyer owns and provides leadership to a real estate investment firm active in California. During his previous tenure as chief executive officer of Name My Premium, Krishen Iyer guided the company to a spot on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list.

Every year, Inc. releases a list to celebrate the private US-based companies that have experienced the greatest growth in recent years. The publication continued this trend with its 2016 list, which featured firms in a range of industries.

Claiming the top spot this year was Loot Crate, which boasted a revenue of more than $116 million in 2015 alone. Each month, the company sends to subscribers unique boxes full of movie, video game, and comic-related items. Over the last three years alone, Loot Crate has experienced growth of nearly 67,000 percent and amassed a following of over 600,000 subscribers.

Paint Nite took second place on the 2016 list with a three-year growth of 36,555 percent. Since its inception in 2012, the company has gained popularity due to its unique take on group social events. Every month, Paint Nite helps arrange painting parties at local hotspots throughout the United States. Over 200,000 individuals now use its services each month.


Referring a Child to the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation Image:
Make-A-Wish Foundation


An experienced business leader, Krishen Iyer owns and operates Iyer Real Estate, through which he focuses on the investment of properties in Fresno County, California. Outside of his professional pursuits, Krishen Iyer regularly supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Thanks to the help of donors and volunteers, Make-A-Wish upholds its mission of fulfilling the wishes of children who have life-threatening illnesses.

Any child who is both experiencing a serious illness and is aged anywhere from 2½ to 17 is eligible for referral to Make-A-Wish. Prospective “wish kids,” as well as legal guardians, family members, and medical workers, may serve as sources for a referral. After receiving the completed referral form, Make-A-Wish contacts the child’s doctor to confirm the child’s condition.

With the referral accepted, a child may then make a wish request. Many wishes involve wanting to meet a famous public figure or desiring to take a trip to somewhere fun, but a child may also devise his or her own wishes. Owing in part to the referral program, Make-A-Wish is able to fulfill a child’s wish approximately every 35 minutes.